The guild pet fights the brutally dangerous Hydra.

The guild pet is only available when the guild leader has reached level 150 and at least one of their pets is level 100. In addition, the guild needs at least 10 members.

The guild leader has the permission to set the guild pet. Any pet that has been explored and fed to at least level 100 can be set as a guild pet. The selection is made via the left image in the guild pet overview.

Guild pet

The attribute values of the guild pet are calculated based on the values of up to 25 guild members with the highest main attributes, while the main attribute is being defined by the selected guild pet's main attribute. All values of these members are added and divided by 10.

The maximum level of the pet in combat is calculated based on the average of the character levels of up to 25 guild members with the highest main attribute. However, each guild member must increase the level of their guild pet contribution themselves, effectively up to the calculated maximum level.

Each guild member may attack the Hydra once per day with the guild pet. The damage caused by all attacks of all guild members is added up.


If the Hydra is defeated the members of a guild receive a bonus to the XP gained from the daily tasks provided by Goblin Gleeman in the city, and the Hydra grows another head the next day, becoming even stronger. The bonus increases with each additional victory.

If the Hydra is not defeated on a day, it loses a head and becomes weaker again. However, then the bonus also decreases.

The purchased levels of the own contribution towards the guild pet are kept when the guild leader changes the guild pet or when the guild changes.